Can round saline implants look natural even on a very petite frame?

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Saline breast augmentation

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Thank you for your questionYes. I have many patients who are married with children whose husbands donot know that they have saline breast implants .  During your consultation I like to find out your goal (i.e. what cup size you like to be).  It's important to measure the width of your breast to determine which implant you need. Saline implants come in 3 profiles, low, moderate and high. I use the bloodless breast technique which I invented. Bleeding is minimal, typically there is no bruising after surgery, and recovery is a lot quicker versus traditional technique.I hope you find this information useful. 

Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants/Breast Augmentation/Anatomic Gummy Bear Implants/ Silicone Implants/Breast Implant Revision Surgery

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I appreciate your question. The best way to determine implant size is based on chest wall measurements that fit your body.  Once we determine that we can choose the profile based on what you want or need to achieve.   Implants under the muscle, there is less risk of capsular contracture.  Anatomic implants tend to give a more natural shape with more nipple projection. The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.  Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery. Best of luck! Dr. Schwartz Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Director-Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute #RealSelf100Surgeon #RealSelfCORESurgeon

Can round saline implants look natural even on a very petite frame?

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Good question.  The answer depends on the size of the implant relative to how much and how thick your breast tissue is, how you heal and whether it's placed above or below the pectoral muscle.My question for you to consider is why use saline implants in this era of cohesive gel implants when you seek a natural look?  I feel that the best chance of a long lasting natural appearance comes with the use of silicone gel.  Saline is terrific in many of my patients but others return years later after pregnancy or breast tissue thinning seeking a change to silicone.  Good luck and best wishes, Jon A Perlman MD FACS  Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery  Extreme Makeover Surgeon ABC TV Best of Los Angeles Award 2015, 2016  Beverly Hills, Ca

Jon A. Perlman, MD
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Natural look with a saline implant

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Thanks for an excellent question.  The difficulty with answering this question is that the word "natural"  means many different things to different women and is highly subjective.  In addition, implants come in different volumes, shapes, and profiles which influence their final appearance. In general, a lower profile, lower volume, submuscular implant or a shaped implant will have a look that appears "less augmented".  I suggest you have a few in person consultations to discuss your choices, good luck.  

Saline Breast Implants in Petite Women

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The absolute keys to obtaining attractive augmented breasts is making sure the breast tissue you already have covers the chosen implants and its ripples and that the implant size and shape fit both your frame and your cosmetic goals. A very helpful tool you may want to look at is 3D imaging. The VECTRA by Canfield allows you to see how each implant in the US would look in you - No surprises. If you check out the Canfield website you can narrow your list of prospective Plastic surgeons to those who offer this technology. It will greatly help you may an intelligent implant choice. 
Dr. Peter A. Aldea
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Round implants

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Use of moderate plus round saline implants will look natural if not too large. Placing implants under muscle important as well.

Stuart A. Linder, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Can round saline implants look natural even on a very petite frame?

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Thank you for your excellent question.  If the implant dimensions are sized appropriately for your chest dimensions, and a large volume is not used, you can absolutely obtain a natural look on a petite frame.  It will be important during your consultation to voice these desires to your surgeon so that an appropriate style is selected. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Round Saline Implants Natural?

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A round implant, whether it is saline or silicone, will look natural on most women, even those that are petite.  However, the key is proper implant selection based in dimensional planning and measurements. If the implant is selected properly, then there is no reason you could not get a good result.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and see what will work best for you.

Saline implants

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Saline implants can have a natural look, but it is dependent on having quite a bit of natural tissues to cover the implant. If your tissues are thin then the wrinkles and folds of the implant might be seen and especially felt. If your tissues are thin you might want to reconsider silicone. Good luck.

Implant on a small frame

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The more breast tissue you have compared to the size of the implants will likely give you are more natural result.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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