Would it even be possible to change my eyes this drastically? (photos)

I'm looking for something different with my eyelid surgery than what most people get. I don't want to look younger or anything. I want to actually change the shape and size. I really like large upturned eyes like the ones in the picture. I want mine to look as much like that as possible. My current eyes look similar to the right picture. They are a little bigger, and my eyebrows are a little higher, but that's basically the shape and bone structure I have.

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Fundamentally you need a detailed personal consultation to answer your question.

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Generally if you are caucasian and are looking to an asian character to your eyes, your goal is total unrealistic.  Not only is it surgical impossible to accomplish this, you appearance can be permanently harmed trying to achieve this.  Best.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Ethnic eye shapes

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The anatomy of the orbit and eyelids will determine what change is possible.  Although some techniques can change the size and shape of the eyes there is a limitation on what can be done.  Keep in mind that procedures carry risks and leave changes which can create problems as we age.  I would discourage anyone with the eye shape depicted in the photo presented by the patient from having surgery.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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