Does the Rt Eye appear smaller? (photos)

I woke up one day last week and noted my Rt. Eye appeared markedly smaller. Does anyone else see it? Is it old age?

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Does the right eye appear smaller?

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All eyes and faces for that matter are asymmetric. We all have a dominant eye which is slightly larger than the other and the lid shape may be slightly different as well.

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Eye Asymmetry

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Thank you for your question, and the picture.
It is completely normal to have eyes that are not exactly symmetric, and that may be what you're noticing.  Because we don't have a "before" picture, it's hard to say if anything has actually changed significantly.  If your eye shape is actually changing, or your have changes in your vision, a visit to an ophthalmologist would be helpful.  If your shape isn't really changing but you aren't happy with the appearance, then a consultation with a plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon would be a good option.
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