Can plumping graft change my smile?

I had my rhinoplasty done 2 days ago and my surgen told me he placed some cartilage under my nose I think he calls it plumping graft. I cannot see my upper teeth and smile right now. I have very silly smile. This will change or I will have this smile as a result and how can it be fixed?

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A graft placed on the nasal base can result in significant swelling in the base of the nose and affect your smile.  This should resolve in several weeks time. 

Plumping graft

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Thanks for your question. When a graft like this is used, it is common to have swelling of your upper lip that can distort your smile and hide your teeth temporarily. In all likelihood, this will improve over the next few weeks. Make sure you continue regular follow-up with your surgeon. Good luck!

Mark Been, MD
Barrington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Hang in there! As long as the shape and swelling are improving week to week, however slowly, there is still hope for the final outcome. Ask you plastic surgeon if there would be any benefit to taping or a steroid injection that can help speed your recovery. It takes over a year to realize the final results of rhinoplasty. Think of it this way, one millimeter of swelling would not even be noticeable in a breast augmentation. One millimeter may be the whole difference between success and failure in a rhinoplasty. It will take well over a year before that last millimeter of swelling has gone away and right now there is even more swelling as it is still very early.

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