I had a labiaplasty two weeks ago and I wanted to ask when can I have oral sex? And will my boyfriend notice anything?

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For my Patients, return to most normal activities immediately after surgery with the exception of activities that will create direct pressure on the area, such as certain exercise equipment and sexual activity including oral sex and mastubation. It will be necessary to refrain from these forms of physical activity for approximately 4-6 weeks. Your friend will probably not notice scars but if there was a highly significant reduction that may be noticed. 

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Oral sex after labiaplasty

Thank you for your question. I generally recommend six weeks after labiaplasty and/or clitoral hood reduction before engaging in sexual activity including masturbation and oral sex. The incisions may not quite be ready for all the friction and pressure that accompanies sexual activity.

After six weeks and all the swelling is down, your partner should not be able to tell you had surgery as far as visible incisions/scars.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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6 weeks or so

You should ask your surgeon what they advise, since they know more details of your procedure. Usually I recommend patients wait at least 6 weeks or so.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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I had a labiaplasty two weeks ago and I wanted to ask when can I have oral sex?

Thank you for your question. Most surgical incisions are healed, without any complications, at about 6 weeks from surgery. Because of the thin skin of the labia minora, it often heals faster, typically around 4 weeks. I would refrain from any activity, in and around your surgical site, until your physician clears you. This will help prevent the development of any issues related to surgery. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Oral sex after labiaplasty

No sex for a minimum of six weeks is the rule for labiaplasty. Some take longer to heal than others so an exam by your surgeon at that time is the best way to ensure that you are ready for any time of sexual activity. No sex means no sex of any type. It would be foolish to expect tissue to heal by two weeks after surgery and oral bacteria could easily provoke infection.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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Labiaplasty concerns

such as yours should be addressed by your surgeon since your surgeon is going to have to deal with any problems that may arise from intimacy when still healing.  As I am a wedge advocate, my patients can certainly touch themselves without affecting the suture line and if your boyfriend could do this, I personally would not have a problem with it. As for noticing, most men don't look that closely at things (everything, not just genitals) to appreciate changes so unless it was an issue for him, he is unlikely to appreciate the change, unless it is really obvious.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty and Sexual Activity

Recovery instructions should be handled by your surgeon, since the answer depends on the type of procedure performed as well as how you're healing. A ball park time frame is 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, but this may vary according to your individual situation.

Once the swelling and bruising are gone, your boyfriend will be unlikely to notice unless he had seen your labia before and notices the difference in appearance. It's usually difficult to detect whether a woman has had a labiaplasty when the procedure has been done well.

Heather J. Furnas, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty recovery before sex

Six weeks after labiaplasty most patients are fully healed.  Full sexual activity may be resumed at that point.  A partner may notice an improvement in appearance, but they are unlikely to notice the healed incisions.

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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