After one month of the upper blepharoplasty the wounds are inflamed. Is it normal? (Photo)

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Blepharoplasty scars

It is expected for the incisions to be red and sometimes "bumpy" in the first few weeks after surgery. Your incisions appear to be healing well based on the photograph for the timeline and the redness should fade with time. 

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It is normal to have some redness and swelling. You're still 4 weeks post-op. Make sure to keep the area clean. Check with your doctor if you still have any concerns.

Kevin Dieffenbach, MD
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Upper Blepharoplasty Redness

It is very normal to have redness and swelling still 4 weeks post operatively after upper bleph surgery. Make sure to keep the area clean and free of make-up or other irritant products. Check with your doctor on follow up care. Best of luck.  

J. Timothy Heffernan, MD
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Post upper lid bleph

Your scars are a little red but seem to be healing well.  Check with your surgeon about using some moisturizer or silicone based scar cream. 

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Inflammation one month after blepharoplasty

It is normal to have some residual inflammation at 4 weeks after blepharoplasty. Lubrication and time should resolve the appearance. Your surgeon may have recommendations for you. Best wishes.

Sara A. Kaltreider, MD
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One month out blepharoplasty incision appearance

Inflammed incisions are usually puffy, more red, painful, and can feel warm than the surrounding skin.  These are the 4 main signs of inflammation.  Judging by the appearance and not knowing your complaints, the incisions appear appropriate at this stage of healing.  Sometimes if absorbable sutures (gut) are used to close the eyelid incision they can "appear" darker.  Surgeon skill can also affect incision width.  If done correctly they should be less than 2mm in width, however, there can always be outliers.  Wound care may also affect incision appearance.

Johnny Mao, MD, FACS
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Eyelid Incisions

Thank you for sharing your case and photos.  I agree that your incisions appear a bit more red than usual, but overall things look good.  Make sure that your surgeon is aware of your concerns.  I recommend sunglasses outdoors to prevent hyperpigmentation.  Also try to avoid creams and lotions that may irritate the thin eyelid skin.  Good luck!

Samuel Baharestani, MD
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Eyelid swelling following lipoplasty, one month

While not typical, the swelling the patient demonstrates is not unusual and will likely improve with time. This is occasionally seen and is due in part to swelling above the incision.  lt results from cutting the lymphatics which is a normal part of the operation. This creates a "dam-like effect" because the lymphatics cannot drain due to gravity. Massage, and compresses frequently will help this as will the passage of time.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Post upper blepharoplasty

Is is normal to have some redness of the incisions after upper eyelid surgeon.  It may be aggravated by makeup of the area or other skin treatments.  Follow up with your surgeon for advice.  Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Donald Nunn, MD
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After one month of the upper blepharoplasty the wounds are inflamed. Is it normal?

Thank you for you question and photo. It is not unusual some degree of inflammation on the scar in the first few months after surgery. I do recommend massage on the incision line after 4 weeks to reduce scarring and UV protection for the first 8 to 12 months. Be patient and I am confident you will be fine.

Andrea Marando

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon - Manchester  - UK

Andrea Marando, MD
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