I Have a Great Nose for Rhinoplasty. What Would a Doctor Suggest I Get Done? Costs?

I have always been uncomfortable with the size of my nose. In response to me saying it's big, people have said "It matches your face" which is absolutely mortifying. I'd love to get some minor work done on it and am wondering what a doctor would suggest I get done, and how much I could expect to pay.

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Here is a link to the average cost of Rhinoplasty reported by other community members.

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MMinor Corrections with Rhinoplasty Surgery

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All rhinoplasty surgery should be individualized. You can achieve excellent results with minor changes. Your bridge can be lowered and the tip refined. Discuss your goals with an experienced surgeon.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The two most important goals in rhinoplasty is to get a nose that fits your face and looks natural

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You should seek out a rhinoplasty expert to discuss your goals and desires. Often subtle or minor changes can make a big difference in your nose and how you feel about yourself. I like using computer imaging and even the new Vectra 3-D imaging to help with the discussion of what looks best on your face. You should also look at the doctor's before and after photos to see if you share aesthetic taste. Costs for rhinoplasty in New York usually range from $8,000 and up. However you shouldn't skimp. You have one nose and want it done right.

Steven J. Pearlman, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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I Have a Great Nose for Rhinoplasty. What Would a Doctor Suggest I Get Done? Costs?

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 Aesthetically speaking, the nose is a bit large with a wide nasal tip.  A Closed Rhinoplasty to rasp down the naal bridge and sides would narrow the nose (don't believe bones need to be broken).  The tip should be thinned without causing any tip rotation as it appears to be the ideal aesthetic angle for a man.  The cost will vary based on the Rhinoplasty Surgeon's experience, reputation and location.  IMHO, it's always best to use the aesthetic judgement, of the Rhinoplasty Surgeon and not cost as your determing factor.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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