My teeth are chipping along my gum line, what can my dentist do to help fix them?

My teeth have been chipping in small amounts along my gum line, but not it becoming a visible problem. The worst areas are my bottom canines and my top front incisors, the latter revealing a single, small spot of decay almost between my teeth. I'm unable to use the best branded enamel repair toothpaste as it causes my mouth to burn, is there some other way I can build it back up and get my teeth looking healthy again?

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Class V caries

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Based on your description, it seemed that you have class V caries.  There is no over the counter product that you can use to build it up.  You will need to go see a dentist to get a filling.  I would recommended that you do it sooner rather than later.  The larger the caries/decay gets, the more complex the dental procedure will be.

Federal Way Dentist

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