How often should I see my surgeon about a seroma after a drainless tummy tuck and lipo?

I am 25 days post op tummy tuck and lipo. My wounds are healing nicely but I've noticed an enlarged public and incision area. I saw my surgeon the day after surgery and he said no drains were needed. Not seen him since then. I have a very large wave motion around my pubic area and incision. I've got an app to see my surgeon 6 weeks post op. Do I ask to see my/a surgeon sooner? My surgeon works only on Thurs. Should the fluid be drained asap? If so how many aspirations would it usually take?

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Thanks for your question. From your description it sounds like you have developed a seroma. This is a common complication after surgery and typically doesn't cause any issues if it is attended to in a timely fashion. You should schedule an appointment to see your operating plastic surgeon soon so that it can be drained in office. Usually only one or two aspiration procedures are required. If it is left longer there is a concern that it may become infected or form what's known as a seroma cavity.

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