If I have Rhinoplasty for the 2nd time to make my nose a little smaller, will this be simple and easy to do? (photos)

I had closed rhinoplasty back in January. I've not been happy with result as I feel my nose is still too big. My surgeon has agreed to redo my nose but has said there are massive risks to redo it. I'm worried about it going drastically wrong and not looking how I want. Is this simple to do? As he said he would only be taking a little bit more off.

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Rhinoplasty Adjustments

You have a nice result and seem to have good communication about your concerns, whatever that may be, with your surgeon. Though it is not clear from your question exactly what you wish to accomplish with an adjustment, if you are referring to taking a bit more off your bridge via a closed approach, this is relatively simple. Since you are worried about moving ahead, I suggest you schedule a follow up appointment with your surgeon to discuss your concerns. Further discussion may assure you that you are both "on the same page" and decrease the possibility of any surprises or drastic changes. That said, if you continue to be uncertain or fearful of further rhinoplasty refinement, then postpone any additional surgery until you feel otherwise. Best wishes. 

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