Rhinoplasty spreader grafts

What are options for straightening asymmetrical (never broken just always asymmetrical) nose tilting to one side without spreader grafts? Won't they just make the nose look bigger?

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Rhinoplasty Spreader grafts

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Thank you for your question.Just putting in spreader grafts without first attempting to identify the cause of the nasal deviation or asymmetry is not the correct approach. Causes for nasal asymmetry and deviation are numerous:- septum, nasal bones, asymmetric lower lateral cartilages, large anterior nasal spine etc.A good surgeon would first of all identify the cause for the nasal asymmetry, and then proceed accordingly.Hope that helps.

Spreader graft

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If the nose is dented in, causing it to look crooked, one uses a spreader graft to elevate the depressed internal valve..It will make the valve area wider, to match the other side and make you breathe better.Then again , not all crooked noses need spreader grafts.

Dennis Barek, MD (retired)
Great Neck Plastic Surgeon

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