Menstruation cycle, tummy tuck reschedule?

I will be having my tummy tuck in December. I am very precise on my periods they come exactly on the date. this time I have them early , I maintained my dates and booked my surgery, hotel&flight. Now this early period is giving me headache because my surgeon told me that I shld not be having my periods on the date of surgery. Do i have to reschedule my surgery? is there any cases where doctors refused to do surgeries while some patient is on periods.

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Period during surgery

It’s odd that you’ve been advised to reschedule your surgery because you’re menstruating. A tummy tuck can still be performed while you’re menstruating. Just make sure that you’re wearing a pad, rather than a tampon. You may want to ask your surgeon for their reasons. 

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Menstruation pre Tummy Tuck


Thank you for your question. Menstruation shouldn't affect your surgery whatsoever. All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Menstruation during TT

We do TT  even pt is at the time of menstrual period. Technically no contraindication for the   surgery provided you should not have heavy bleeding or added pain of menstruation at the time of surgery

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Menstruation cycle and tummy tuck reschedule?

Thank you for your question.

I know of no medical reason why surgery should be postponed with respect to a tummy tuck and in fact have performed many tummy tucks on patients actively menstruating without any issues.  There is some weak evidence in the breast surgery literature that suggests there may be an affect on healing for mastectomies or breast reductions depending on the time within the menstrual cycle the surgery is performed but this is not very strong at this point.

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Menstruation cycle, tummy tuck reschedule?

Fortunately, menstruation does not affect procedures in the operating room. Although it may be a hassle during recovery, it will not affect your results whatsoever. Simply, inform your surgeon so that they can prepare you for surgery properly.  Good Luck.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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TIming of menstruation should not be an absolute contraindication for tummy tuck surgery

I personally see no reason medically why you should have to cancel or reschedule your tummy tuck procedure just because you are on your period on the scheduled date of surgery.  Unless your periods are so heavy that they affect your blood counts, or something like that, there should be no physiologic issue that I know of.  Having said that, you will have to be aware that having a menstrual period during the recovery from a tummy tuck might not be the most comfortable thing in the world to endure.  Hygeine may be more difficult, and I would recommend that you not use tampons, or at least change them very frequently to avoid any risk of bacterial overgrowth and possible increased risk of wound infection.  Sometimes pain control is more difficult when ladies are on their periods.  Just like they are more irritable and sensitive to other stimuli, like noise, bright lights, smells, etc, the hormone shifts during menses could increase your experience of postop pain temporarily too.  In the end, though, this will be an issue that each surgeon has to decide for themself.  Surgeons have their own preferred protocols based upon their individual experiences, and your own surgeons' comfort level with this issue will dictate the decisions made around own specific case.  I can tell you that I have had occasion many, many times to operate on ladies on their menses through the years, and there has never been any problem with it; we've even removed tampons in the operating room during the prep.  Your surgeon may feel differently though, so the thing to do is discuss this with them and try to understand what the basis is for the recommendation against surgery.  If you are able to, and your surgeon has time availability, it might just be the better part of valor and make for a cleaner and more comfortable recovery if you postponed your surgery by a week.  Best of luck.

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