Which implant would you reccomend - Motiva, Natrelle Or Silimed in the UK

I have been offered Motiva progressive gel, Natrelle or Silimed Poly implants @ Spire in the UK. I have read you cannot get Motiva Progressive Gel in the UK, only Progressive Gel Plus(+) which has caused a lot of girls problems. I'm having a BA + lollipop lift. Are smooth going to reduce my risks of capsular contracture over textured? Do Natrelle have a higher rate of cc or rotation? are Silimed only for people who have had capsular contracture before and are they safe? Thankyou for any advice!

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The surgeon is more important than the implant

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Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your question, you are obviously very knowledgeable about the different types of implants and are doing your research, which is excellent.

I have used many different types of implants and the differences between them are quite marginal, so I would not get too concerned about the different types of gel.  It is far more important to research your surgeon and to find someone who you feel that you can trust and who has good results with the implants that he or she may recommend for you.

The main differences with the implants comes from whether they are polyurethane foam coated or silicone.  Silimed are no longer available, but Polytech make polyurethane implants and these are available.  I think that polyurethane implants have some advantages, although they are controversial, so you should look in to this to see if you think they may be good for you.  They are not just for people who have had capsular contracture.

There are more details on my website and you can sign up for my webinar or download my guide with frequently asked questions.  Good luck.

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