I had labiaplasty on Monday 31st October, and I'm waiting to see my surgeon. Am I healing okay? (Photo)

I don't know whether I am being over paronoid or not but the healing process really is scary! I don't like the way it looks at all right now but I can understand things take time! I'd just like to know that I'm all okay and that everything is healing correctly? I went to my nurse and she said I had a skin infection which is now being treated with antibiotics and also she took out a dissolvable stitch. Thank you :)

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I had labiaplasty on Monday 31st October, and I'm waiting to see my surgeon. Am I healing okay?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. It appears that you are healing well after your trim labiaplasty procedure, but you still have a fair amount of swelling that is distorting your long-term results.  Though there may be some redundant tissue remaining on your left side I would definitely allow at least three months to pass before assessing your outcome to see if any revision may be needed.  Best wishes.

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Thanks for sharing your questions and photos.  As for the healing it appears you are healing well. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of redness or pus and this would be indicative of an infection. However after reviewing your photos it appears that the swelling/edema is prominent.  It is hard for me to understand what you don't like about the appearance but based upon my experience with 1000's of patients who have gotten labiaplasties I believe you might not like the area near the clitoral hood ( aka lateral prepuce).  70-80% of women who I have operated on also have lateral prepuce and I address this simultaneously during the labiaplasty.  Most surgeons are not comfortable removing the lateral prepuce and leave it behind giving the patient a wider appearance at the clitoral hood.  Allow the swelling to go away and reassess at 6 weeks post op.  

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