Not happy with breast reduction at all, can anything be done?

I have just had a breast reduction in Prague 2 weeks ago when my surgeon marked me up he asked me size I wanted to be,I replyed a small c as small as you can go I'm a 34ff,I now know he took 200g from my left breast and 230 g from my right I am 2 weeks past my surgery date and very angry as I'm still very big I know people say I'm swollen but even with swelling with this amount of tissue taken it won't go down 4 cup sizes,when I'm healed is there anything more I can do to go smaller

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Inadequate breast reduction

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Sorry you have had a problemCan you not go back and see your surgeon?The procedure can be redone, but your surgeon (if it is another one), needs to know which pedicle was used, so to repeat the surgery and also whether there was a surgical explanation to the relatively small reduction. All reduction surgeries aim to keep the nipple alive as well as diminish the breast (unless free nipplegraft), so maybe there was a reason?If you want to have it redone in the UK, you'll have to start a new, I am afraid.Best of luck, best stick to a surgeon in the same country you live. Easier if you have any issues.

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