Should I consider a donut lift? (Photo)

I had a breast aug (unders) a year ago for uneven breasts(L-300cc R-225)They were still uneven so my left was changed to 350cc 6months ago. Size are more even but nipple sits lot lower. I understand they won't be fully symmetrical as so uneven before but I feel that if my nipple was raised on right it would be more even and I'd feel happier & more confident. When I raise my arm it shows that they become more even. Could a donut lift help? Or cause a worse look? Or any other suggestions? Thankyou

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Lifting the implant on the left would probably lower the nipple a little.  You could also do a small lift to the right as you suggested, but it may make the nipple sit too high on the implant.  I think overall your result is reasonable and further surgery may not make you happier as no two breasts are perfectly symmetric. 

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