Am I crazy or do any of you Dr's see differences in nose shape? (Photos)

Since I had rhinoplasty 11 years ago I've been convinced my nose changes shape, I've been told my bones have set and my nose is not moving though I have those sensations and the look of my nose changes. I've attached some photos hoping one of the dr's will reply with their opinion. Can any of you see differences in the shape of my nose that can't be explained by different angles and lighting. Lately I've took comparison photos in same light and angle.

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Am I crazy or do any of you Dr's see differences in nose shape? (Photos)

There are some very subtle differences. This is a result of what we call the "shrink wrapping" process in which the skin on the nose thins over time revealing more detail of the underling structure. Sometimes this increased definition (which is inevitable) is not welcomed by patients. If it bothers you, you can consider discussing options with your surgeon which include no treatment, careful injection of hyaluronic acid filler, or revision rhinoplasty. I hope that helps!

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