Have a bridge 6 teeth on it 1 of the post is broken, can this be fixed?

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Most Likely No

Most likely, you will have to replace the entire bridge.  However, there is another less optimal solution.  For your 6-unit bridge, how many abutment do you have?  If you have 4 abutments (2 on each side), and the broken one is the last of the two abutments, then you might be able to section it off.  This will leave you with a 5-unit bridge with 2 abutments on one side and 1 abutment on the other.  Unfortunately, sectioning a bridge will make the bridge weaker since you now only have 1 abutment instead of 2 abutments on one side.  In addition, you will now have an empty space where the broken tooth was.  

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