Are my breasts likely to get any smaller after 7 weeks? (photos)

I was a 32G (UK) and had wanted to get down to a C cup. My surgeon said C/D but couldn't guarantee a size. Seven weeks later I am measuring a 32E. He removed 330g from one and 360g from the other. I still don't have breasts that are proportionate to my body and don't think he took enough.

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Final size after a breast reduction

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There are two factors in evaluating the final size after a breast reduction.  The first is swelling.  Generally swelling is improved within a few weeks and at least 50% of the swelling is gone by 6 weeks or less.  the second factor is shape.  The lower incision will stretch over the first 6 months.  So, I usually ask patients to wait 6 months before evaluating the final size.  If the woman feels that her breasts are still too large at that time, it may be possible to perform a little liposuction to reduce them a bit further with essentially no more scars.

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