Breasts never settled. (photos)

I am now 16 months post op and my breasts still are not right right one nipple is a lot higher altho creases sit in same position and is soft. Right breast still not soft and looks more ball like. I have seen two different doctors. Who tell me nothing the matter but im convinced im bottoming out in right and something is wrong with left, any help greatly appreciated.

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Breasts never settled

Good morning and thanks for your question! Your breasts look to have had an incredible result! I do not see any signs of asymmetry or bottoming out. Should you continue to worry, it may be best to seek consult with your initial surgeon regarding these concerns but I think you've had an amazing result! Good luck and congratulations, again!

Reading Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts never settled

In my opinion your result is excellent! Your breasts are as symmetrical as they can be. When you look at your preop photo you will notice that the right breast nipple areolar complex is higher than left side. Augmentation, as the word implies, magnifies what is already present. We are not perfectly symmetrical from head to toe. Discuss normal body assymetry with your board certified plastic surgeon 

Leon Goldstein, MD
Madison Plastic Surgeon
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