Asymmetry or bottoming out. Any suggestions? (photos)

High I'm 13months post op. I've seen two surgeons for advice as I feel my right breast is bottoming out this (appears on left side on pictures) I've added advice on here in the past few have said bottoming out few said aysmetry. My folds sit in near enough same place however the incision is higher slightly on one side but has been the case from the start. It's my nipple to crease distance thata worrying me. But surgeons I've seen don't seem concerned.

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Breast Asymmetry

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Thank you for your question and photo. Your pre op photo does demonstrate the same asymmetry- with your right areola being higher on the breast mound and therefore having a larger space between IMF and nipple. Your breast implants appear to be symmetric and if you haven't noticed a shift/ change in incision position, It does not sound like you have an issue with bottoming out. It is best to investigate concerns in person.

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