8 months post face and neck lift, not happy (Photo)

I had a face and neck lift 8 months ago. My neck is starting to sag where the platysma bands are. I don't work out and I'm not dieting I'm 8 stone. My ps said he went as tight as he could. And that I a lot of scar tissue he said he wouldn't recommend fat injections are fillers for my right cheek as it is flatter than the other I don't know what to do please can you help I'm so so sad

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I agree

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Firstly sorry that you are disappointed with the results of your surgery.

Secondly I think I would agree with the other surgeons that you might need further treatment on the platysma muscle in your neck.  If you do decide on this option it would be bets to schedule an appointment with a surgeon who specialises in neck surgery.

Unhappy with recurrance of platysmal bands.

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The recurrence of platysmal bands is common after a face/neck lift.  Even a strong lateral pull may not correct them.  Botox may make them a bit better.  Another option is a small revision under your chin under local anesthesia.  A small opening can be made and the edges of the platysma sutured together to unify the neck.  Speak with your plastic surgeon about this possibility.


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Thank you for your question. I suggest that you remain patient because you are not finished healing until the 12 month post op mark. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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It appears the platysma bands weren't addressed correctly, although there could be other issues known only to your surgeon. Why would there be scar tissue?  Did you have a prior face/neck lift?  Botox might help temporarily, but you will need to have the neck band addressed sooner or later.  This can only be done by releasing the band under the chin, and then pulling back laterally from the ear/neck region.

Relax or release the bands

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You should first try to weaken the muscle bands using botox and see if you like the results.  Your other choice is to have it surgically released (you should not tighten it) and pull the muscle laterally towards the ears.  You don't need fat or fillers.

Neck bands after a facelift

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The surgeon may not have addressed the plastymal bands at the time of your facelift. Platysmal banding can be improved surgically with suturing of the muscle edges or division (cutting) of the bands.  If surgery doesn't sound appealing right now, botox injections can help. I would recommend treating each platysmal band with 15-20 units of botox.

It seems that you have strong platysma bands. One way to fix is neurotoxin injection in the bands.

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I would try neurotoxin (like Botox) injection in the bands to see if that will soften the bands. another treatment is platysmoplasty of the neck with no facelift. Since this is not excess skin issue. 


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Thank you for your question, and for providing the pictures.

I recommend returning to your plastic surgeon to see what may be done.  They may recommend a repeat muscle plication with division of the bands to improve your neck contour.  If you aren't happy with your surgeon, or don't feel confident that they can deliver the result you desire, you are always welcome to get second opinions.

Best of luck!
Dr. Michael Epstein
MAE Plastic Surgery
Northbrook, IL

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Dear 69Seadoo69

Thank you for your questions and photos!  I am sorry that you are disappointed.  The recovery from surgery can take time.  You can try BOTOX to relax the platysma muscle and fillers to help with the contour.  If surgery is required then fat grafting is a good adjunct.

With Warm Regards

Trevor M Born MD

Another alternative

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I agree with much of what has been posted here. The recurrence of platysmal bands does occur after a face k lift.  For bands that are more than 2 cm apart some studies suggest that resection of the muscle may be more helpful.  A small incision under the chin  can be made and the edges of the platysma excised. 

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