Is a 3 week old post gyno surgery hematoma to old to drain? (photos)

Had gyno surgery to remove 2 glands just under 3 weeks ago abroad and have developed a hematoma.It is hard and very tender all around the areola.In the past week it has got worse.In order to get it drained i would have to fly abroad again to see my surgeon.My question is "is a 3 week old hematoma to old to be drained" which will then mean i have to have surgery to remove it?i want to know my options as i am dreading another surgery so would prefer to get it drained if i had the choice.

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Very small old hematomas...

...can often be observed.  Larger ones, particularly ones causing symptoms should probably be drained sooner rather than later.  A physical exam would help, of course.

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Is a 3 week old post Gyno Surgery Hematoma to old to drain?

Thank you for your question.

This may not be a Haematoma. If it is a Haematoma an Ultrasound guided aspiration can still be helpful, as the ultrasound can see if there is still fluid present in the lump. 

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Try first aspiration any way

usually a seroma (fluid accumulation)  is more frequent at this stage 3 weeks post op . it does't look 100% hematoma on the photo , usually bad bruising is also present . The fact that it is hard may however indicate hematoma (organised) as a possibility . The doctor should firstly try to aspirate it with a large needle most of the time in my practice even after weeks i managed to aspirate it successfully , if failed you should have a scan to determine if it's surgical swelling, fluid or clotted blood, in this latter case easy surgical evacuation is needed. as a general rule always better to go back to your original surgeon.

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