1 month ago I had a mole removed on my upper thigh. I have been using Neosporin. Anything else can I use to heal it? (Photo)

Hello, 1 month ago i had a mole removed on my upper thigh. It came back as non-cancerous, I dont have the name in front of me from the lab. Now it is red around the area where it was removed. What can I put on this to help it heal? I have been using neosporin. Anything else i can do to help this heal?

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Best way to heal a mole removal

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Your photo suggests you have a sensitivity reaction to the neosporin.
Stop using it!

The best treatment of open wounds - and it looks as though your mole was carved off and left open - is a moisten gauze, held on with tape. Chance it once a day.
This does not irritate the skin. And wounds are like gardens - they like a little water to keep from drying out.
Best wishes.

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