I would like to know what you think is wrong with my eye, is it ptosis or is it something more to do with a raised eyebrow?

I had botox 3 times around 4-5 years ago and have wondered if the muscle in m eyebrow were damaged causing this unbalance between my eyebrows but I also do not know if it is actually my eyelid causing the problem (ptosis). it is knocking my confidence something terrible and I don't like having my photo taken anymore. Sometimes it can get extremely bad and my one eyebrow seems to be inches above the other. Will botox fix this problem or will I need something more serious like ptosis surgery?

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Uneven eyes, asymmetric ptosis, asymmetric eyebrows

It appears you have bilateral upper lid ptosis  (droopy upper eyelid) which is worse on the left side, which make the same side eyebrow to raise higher in order to assist lifting the eyelid. See an oculoplastic surgeon to consider ptosis surgery. See link and video below.

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No Botox 4 or 5 years ago is not causing your issues.

You have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis with a compensatory brow elevation.  This is addressed with upper eyelid ptosis surgery.  This is generally associated with a relaxation of the eyebrow position, improving your overall appearance.  See a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon.

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Eyebrow asymmetry

In these pictures there is not a large asymmetry between the brows.   You have some ptosis of both upper eyelids.  When one eyelid is lower than the other, the brow on that side often lifts more in an attempt to elevate the lid.  For you the lid height seems about the same.  See an oculoplastic surgeon to evaluate the eyelid muscles.  You might want to try a small amount of Botox above the brow on the higher side.  This will keep the brow stable.  It may however drop the lid a little once the brow can not help to elevate the lid. 

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