Graves Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease Nine Years Ago. Can I Get Implants?

I had Graves disease in 2002,and was treated with radioactive iodine. Developed thyroid eye disease months later.I have been taking levothyroxine. I had a very successful decompression surgery in 2008. Face intact, I WANT saline implants. My Dad is a doctor, and says I will develope another autoimmune disease, or exacerbate current conditions. I am very physically fit. 41 yrs old.

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Grave's disease and impact on breast augmentation.

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There is no contraindication to breast augmentation because of Grave's disease. We still hear patient's being told about autoimmune diseases related to implants which indicates to me that more education is needed. Many of the lawsuits in the late 1980's and early 1990's focused upon silicone gel implant ruptures and a theoretical correlation to autoimmune disease. Without going into too much detail, essentially there is no link between autoimmune disease and breast implants. For detailed information, please visit the FDA link provided at the bottom of my response.

The concern with Grave's disease is more applicable to the anesthesia required for surgery. A proper medical clearance with appropriate medication compliance as directed by your internist or endocrinologist is important. I recommend consulting with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss this issue in more depth.

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