Do I have rippling in breast after breast augmentation? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation 6 weeks and 3 days ago. I got 445 cc classic round classic profile mentor implants. This appeared 3 weeks post-op but I was hoping it would get better with the healing process. I slightly have it in the other breast but it's not as noticeable. Is this in fact what it is and does it have to be fixed, or is that a personal preference? Thanks for your help!

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Rippling in breasts?

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Hello KG. This does not look like rippling from the breast implant, but I cannot tell you what is causing your breast to take on this shape. It appears that you have an incision in the areola area and perhaps this is scarring. You should address this with your plastic surgeon who might be able to give you a better answer. Best, Dr. ALDO

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