Can Granulomas from Radiesse Show Up 4 Months After Injections?

Four months after Radiesse injections in the eye hollows under the eyes and just above the lips, hard lumps have just now shown up. Is this the result of the Radiesse? And it seems to have migrated - all four months later. Is this possible.

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Can Granulomas from Radiesse Show Up 4 Months After Injections?

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 IMHO, Radiesse is too thick, of a soft tissue filler to be placed in the lower eyelid skin and hollows.  Radiesse and Perlane are meant to be placed within the fatty tisue layers that do not exist in the extremely thin skin of the lower eyelids.  Radiesse placed there can cause hard lumps and bumps that are unsightly and take a year, or more to dissolve.  Restylane and Juvederm only for the lower eyelid area, IMO.

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Can Granulomas show up 4 months after imjections of Radiesse

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Hopefully, you have lumps (undispersed Calcium Hydroxyappatite) and not granulomas (Tissue reaction around the Radiesse).

First of all, I wouldn't use Radiesse around the lips, except to treat the melolabial fold.

For lumps, even after 4 or 6 months, I have had limited success with injecion of sterile water followed by vibration, done once a month. It is possible that watchful waiting  may have achieved the same result. I would be careful with vibration close to the eyes.

For granulomas,  injections of  diluted Kenalog (0.4%) into the granulomas may achieve some improvement.

It is important to always be treated by an experienced, Board Certified, Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon

Eugene Mandrea, MD
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Radiesse nodules

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Radiesse should not be used under the eyes or around the lips because it may produce nodules. This generally presents earlier nodularity. Be patient and it will dissipate. Unfortunately, there is no antidote for Radiesse.

Lumps from Radiesse injections

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Lumps from Radiesse injections are more likely to be from either improper technique or use in the wrong location. Your lumps are not likely to be granulomas because a granuloma will typically take six to twenty-four months to form after the injection. Radiesse should not be injected in the lips because it tends to be associated with a high incidence of nodules. The lip muscles will frequently move the Radiesse and cause it to form lumps. Conversely, when used properly for treatment of eye hollows Radiesse has to be injected deeply and in small quantities and should only be done by skilled, experienced injectors.

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It is possible that the granulomas from radiesse to appear 4 months later. Consult your surgeon who injected you for proper diagnosis and treatment

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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