Post op sports bra and attending events. Any suggestions?

I am 29 and having breast augmentation next Thursday. My family is having a huge get together on Saturday. Can I go to this, and can I wear a sports bra and not the ugly surgical one? Thanks!

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Postoperative guidelines after breast augmentation

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Postoperative recommendations vary among surgeons,  however most of us would recommend that you don't make too many big plans the week after your surgery. Your event is scheduled two days after your procedure, which is very early in the healing process. You might still be experiencing discomfort at that time. You might also be taking pain medication.  I don't know the details of the "huge" event that you are describing, however you need to be careful about consuming alcohol or being involved with activities that could potentially increase  your blood pressure or cause trauma to your breasts.  Be prepared to potentially have to answer some questions from inquisitive people who may notice a change to your appearance.  I  would definitely discuss your plans with your surgeon.   Best wishes to you! 

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Speak with your surgeon

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Hello! Please speak with your chosen plastic surgeon about their post-operative routine and what they recommend. Congratulations on choosing to have breast augmentation.  I wish you the best of luck!
Dr. Sean Kelishadi

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