My smile is awful & in pics my huge front teeth is all that stands out. What are some options to possibly correct this? (photo)

I got my wisdom teeth out a month ago, hoping that will help with my crowding however it hasn't made a difference. I have had so much done with my teeth, including numerous expanders, braces, and retainers. I'm simply not pleased with how my teeth look. I mainly hate how big and triangler shaped my two front teeth are. Is there anything you recommend trying or doing?

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Front teeth are not to large or out of proportion but rather look bad due to narrow maxilla and crowding.

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You have a narrow maxilla and a V shaped arch that has both health and cosmetic issue needing correction

I would consider utilizing orthopedic growth to expand your underdevloped maxiila, eliminate dark buccal corridors and create a 10 or 12 tooth smile instead of your four tooth smile.

10 - 12 veneers could give the look of a full healthy smile without maxillary expansion and would give instant results.  It would no correct underlying physiologic issues.

a full healthy smile is best achieved with expansion and the DNA Appliance is ideal in adults who want to avoid surgery.

The SARPE procedure can also provide excellent results but carry minimal surgical risks.

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