Open wound. (photo)

I have developed an open wound 3 weeks after lower body lift. Saw my plastic surgeoun and he put me on Bactrim. He said that it is possible that I have developed mrsa due to working in the medical field for many years. Would this wound close and how long will it take? He advised me to continue to do wound care. Packing the wound with iodoform and covering with sterile gauze.

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Open wound

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Thank you for sending your question and photo. Your closure has slightly opened which is superficial, which can occur. You may also have a rejected sutures. Cleanse and apply antibacterial ointment. Wash hands prior to application. Please contact your Plastic Surgeon for wound care recommendation, follow his advise, and continue close follow up. Best wishes.

Open wound

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This looks like a minor suture spitting problem that will heal with local wound care. As to your wound care regimen, I find that long term use of iodoform gauze delays healing. You might check with your surgeon about switching to plain gauze packing.

Body lift - what to expect from the wound opening

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Thank you for asking about your body lift.

  • Once the wound is healthy, it will heal.
  • There may be sutures under the incision that need to be removed to help the healing. 
  • The packing approach sounds reasonable. 
  • I like to see any patient with an open wound frequently to be sure the wound is healing properly.
  • It can take 6 weeks or longer even for a minor wound like this to heal.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Wound after body lift

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The small wound you have is not uncommon after a lower body lift procedure. With appropriate care (debridement / removal of suture material if present) and ointment and or packing it will heal. Most likely you won't be able to tell there was a wound there. If the scar is bothersome it can always be adjusted under local in the office after 3-6 months. Keep working closely with your surgeon for optimal results. 


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