I recently had rhinoplasty and I now have bumps inside each nostril near the tip of my nose. Will they resolve on their own?

My surgery was 10/07/16 and the bumps are still tender. You cannot see them externally. My doctor didn't really notice them at my 6 day apt because there was still so much blood in my nose. They are becoming very Annoying and causing boogers to back up in my nose and disturb breathing. My next follow up isn't for another 5 weeks. Should I be asking to be seen sooner?

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Early changes after rhinoplasty

Thanks for your question.  It sounds like you are still very early in the healing process and should expect changes to take place over the coming weeks.  In most cases concerns such as yours are not a major issue and resolve uneventfully.  But, if you are worried, I am sure your surgeon would be happy to review the issue with you just to make sure.  

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Post Rhinoplasty

If there is something that is bothering you, I would contact your surgeon. It may be nothing but if there is a concern, it is always best to investigate. For my patients, I personally would rather hear from them than not if there is a concern (no matter how small).

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