Holes in incision lines - I have these holes that keep reappearing. (photo)

I have been on ampicillin it'll take it away only for a short time and then it'll come back what could this be

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Incision Infection Issues


You didn't indicate how far post op you are. It is not uncommon to have sutures "spit" a month or two post op creating a small, superficial opening which typically heals well and quickly. If you have an ongoing infection issues and delayed wound closure post op, it is important that you be followed closely and have your Plastic Surgeon assess your healing regularly.

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Incision not healing

From looking at your photo, it appears that you have sutures that want to "spit" out. Unless they are removed they will continue to fester, even on antibiotics. Bacteria get caught in the knots and the suture and antibiotics cannot get into those areas the treat the infection. Once the sutures are removed, this should heal quickly.

Franklin D. Richards, MD
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Incision holes

Sorry your having slow to heal areas. Work closely with you surgeon and see them frequently. It could be from suture material. If so, that can be easily treated by removing the sutures. Otherwise your surgeon probably cultured the area and put you on appropriate antibiotics. Hang in there it will close with the right care.


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Breast augmentation - incision will not heal

Thank you for your question about your breast augmentation.

  • If your breast augmentation was 4-6 weeks ago, everything was fine and then a small opening appeared, you may have a suture coming to the surface that needs to be removed. This is not a big problem'
  • But I am concerned that you are on ampicillin -
  • If you have an opening in your incision that drains and will not heal, then you are likely to have an infection and to need the implant removed.
  • Please ask your surgeon to see you and to clarify what is going on and get a second opinion if the prob
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
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probably  you are spitting a stitch , which is nothing to worry about.  see your surgeon regularly until things have settled down.

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Holes in incision lines

This looks very much like a suture abscess.  Your plastic surgeon needs to evaluate whether or not a minor debridement is required. At the very least it needs to be followed closely to make sure it does not develop into something worse which may necessitate removal of the implant. 

Andrew M. Lofman, MD, FACS
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Stitch abscess?

It is quite possible that you have developed stitch abscesses. This can happen sometimes with dissolvable sutures.  Best to follow closely with your surgeon.

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'Holes' are stitch abscesses

Thank you for your question and photograph.  The 'holes' are caused by sutures under the skin that have gotten infected.  This generally does not require antibiotics but will not resolve until the buried suture is removed.   It is usually easy to find once the scab is removed. When these develop, see your surgeon to have the stitch removed.  Once the stitch is gone, it should heal very quickly.

James McMahan, MD
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