Breast augmentation reconstruction at 7 weeks. How does this even happen? I followed every single rule.. (photos)

Just 7 weeks after surgery & I have to get put under again to fix my opening... I'm so scared & sick to my stomach. This opening happened over night.

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Breast implant exposure

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i am am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time and you have to have secondary operations. Implant exposure either due to infection or skin envelope necrosis is a well documented complication risk of breast reconstructive surgery. In removing the breast much of the blood supply of the overlying skin envelope is lost. This leaves the implant pocket and overlying skin open to risk of complications. Whilst it is dreadful to have to contend with such complications the good news is that it's very fixable, just takes time. Hang in there 

How does this even happen?

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Sorry to hear about your problem.
Based on your photo, you have implant extrusion with cellulitis.
It seems like you have had seroma or infection that led to the implant extrusion.  You might not have recognized your problem early on.
Even with proper precautions, complication can occur with any surgery.
If you have any concern/problem in the future, you need to follow up with your plastic surgeon soon and closely.
Good luck with your surgery.

Implant exposure

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Unfortunately with exposure of the implant, it is likely that it has to be removed and allow for the tissues to heal. Best of luck.

Remove implant?

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Unfortunately,the implant will likely be removed. The tissues need to heal, soften, and get back to normal pre surgical softness. Another augmentation can be done by an experienced surgeon. There will be another day.

William C. Rigano, MD
Dayton Plastic Surgeon

Impending implant extrusion

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From the photos you have included, it appears to me that you are suffering from lack of blood flow to the skin overlying the implant. I would be too hard on myself about following rules and that this is a known complication in breast reconstruction with implants. Go back to your operating plastic surgeon for advice on how to proceed. Good luck with your ongoing reconstruction.

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