Am I bottomed out? I am 21 years old, 5'7" and 140lbs. My PS said my breasts we uneven to begin with. (photos)

I had 375cc in my left and 475cc in my right silicone HP. When he drew on me before surgery he drew the line lower on my left, saying my ribs were asymmetrical as well. Since he changed my crease, now it appears my left is bottoming out. I am 3 weeks post op, and ive noticed this problem since day 1. Am i bottoming out? Does it cost less to fix a BA?

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About Breast Implants Bottoming Out

"Bottoming Out" is the term given to implant #displacement, where the implant drops down below the existing inframammary fold; the natural crease beneath your breast. This may occur when the fold has been released excessively during surgery or may be due to factors of the patient’s collagen and tissue integrity. The implants then sit very low on the chest with a lack of internal support for the implant itself.

Correction usually involves #restoring the crease beneath your breast to it's normal position with internal reconstruction of the capsule around the implant (#capsulorrhaphy). Sometimes a biologic fabric (Acellular Dermal Matrix or #ADM) can be used to attach to the breast tissue internally while supporting the implant.
This corrects the placement of the implant, redefines the breast shape, and also refines the internal fold.

To manage scars following the procedure, I suggest #scar maturation products to my clients. Such as BioCorneum or Embrace, to name a few, are recommended. But, it's best you wait a few weeks following your surgery, to begin using them and speak to your surgeon about healing concerns.

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Breast augmentation postoperative recovery

It looks like your implants are level on your chest wall. The implant on the left had to be placed lower then your breast tissue to achieve your best possible result. Give it time, see your plastic surgeon, it looks like it will be a great result. Good luck...

Larry Weinstein, MD
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Asymmetry in the early post-op period.

From your photo, it does not appear you are bottoming out.  I imagine that you were quite asymmetric to begin with as your surgeon chose two very different implants in an attempt to even you out.  It is just too early to tell how things are going to turn out.  During this early post-op period, it is important to follow our plastic surgeons instructions closely and let him/her know about any concerns.  It's too early to even be thinking about a revision, give your body time to heal!

Kelly Killeen, MD
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