I Am Having Liposuction Done to my Thighs, Going on Vacation 3 1/2 Weeks Later. Is That Too Soon?

I was hoping that by diet and exercise I would be ready for my vacation. My doctor tells me they can get me in March 8th for the procedure but I plan on leaving April 7th for vacation. Am I being unrealistic that I will be ready for my vacation following the procedure? I need an honest opionion and I think the person who is taking my money isn't exactly being completely honest with me.

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Slimlipo healing time

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number one, if you think the person performing your surgery is not being totally honest with you that problem. On a surgeons, dishonest surgeons, everyone of us has outcomes there less-than-perfect and postoperative complications. It's a fact and anyone says they haven't had them either lying or doesn't actually perform enough surgeries/procedures to have experienced it.  Even if you have issues after your procedures that could be considered normal you may not believe anything your surgeon tells you and that would put you and your surgeon in a tough spot.  trusting the person performing a procedure is pretty important.

number two, and 3/2 weeks I would say you would be fine. You may still have some aching, some mild pain, and even possibly residual bruising. But will you be functional? Yes most likely.

I hope that was helpful

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Recovery Following Slim Lipo Of The Thighs

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You should be in pretty good shape for your vacation.  We encourage exercise as soon as possible after Liposuction.  You will need to wear your compression garment for weeks after surgery.  I would avoid laying in the sun, as that will cause swelling, so if your trip is tropical you will have limitations.  

Recovery following SLIM LIPO of the thighs

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The answer depends on what type of trip or vacation youre going on.  If its a tropical vacation and you have to wear a swim suit then you probably will not be in swimsuit shape by 3 1/2 weeks.  The thighs tend to swell more and be more tender than say the abdomen and flanks.  If its a winter type of vacation and you will be covered up, then you can keep wearing your compression garments to your trip and you should be ok.  To be bikini ready, I would say about 6-8 weeks post-op.

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