Is there a repair option after botched reduction?

In 2010 I had a lumpectomy, chemo & radiation. 4/13/2016 I had breast reduction due to my breast being uneven & a constant burning underneath. My breast are uneven even more so & the breast that was treated in 2010 is leather like in some areas. I had a mammogram and sonogram and there was fluid pockets. I'm extremely unhappy with the results on both breasts. Will the disfigured breast ever loosen and soften up? What options do I have to get my body back looking like a woman versus a monster?

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Breast reduction after radiation - not "botched" surgery

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The effects of radiation to treat your cancer are in the involved breast for your entire lifetime. This makes reduction surgery different from the non-radiated side and the results can be frought with issues such as hardening and fluid pockets. So, this isn't "botched" surgery, rather it is a consequence of the radiation you needed to have.

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