Is it normal to have fluid build up after lower blepharoplasty? Had procedure on June 11th (Photos)

Have fluid pockets and what looks like a blister on my right eye ball have been using gel lubricants and eye drops consistently have been through 4 boxes of 30 vials, still sleeping sitting up

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You have chemosis on the right side. You also have some ectropion here so the lid is too low.  This can create a bit of a vicious cycle - the low lid can cause the chemosis, and the chemosis sits on the lid holding it down.  You need a lot of lubrication which you are already doing.  I have patients massage the lid up in the corner, and apply some pressure over the chemosis to try and get the fluid flowing through the lymphatics.  It will slowly resolve.  If not there are some more aggressive measures that will need to be taken including revision of the lid to move it up.    

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Yes you have chemosis.

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The reason you are having chemosis related to the motor nerve injury evident in the right lower eyelid.  This motor nerve injury may improve but commonly does not recover fully.  For this reason, the right eye is more exposed to drying and most likely the right lower eyelid does not participate with the blink process as well as it should.  You have a number of other issues going on such as profound upper eyelid ptosis and eyelash ptosis.  I encourage you to be seen by an ophthalmologist for dry eye management. Generally if things are going to improve it often takes more time.  If the eyelid position does not improve, generally revisional surgery is considered after 6 months unless eye comfort warrants earlier intervention.

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Chemosis following blepharoplasty

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Thank you for sharing your photograph and posting your question. It is not unusual to experience some swelling (chemosis) of the conjunctiva following lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Topical steroids are often beneficial in helping resolve the inflammation. Over time, the chemosis should resolve. Good luck.

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