Any suggestions for my asymmetrical face? (photos)

Did my aorta problem when I was a kid lop sided my face, or was is just my birth. I was born at 4 pounds so I was small, I must of ran into problems when growing up. That, or I did not hit genetic lottery with my asymmetrical face. I went to an eye doctor once and they said my right orbital is lower the reason why my eye one that side is lower. I just want opinions on this since its been bothering me, and my esteem. Just want answers.

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Facial Asymmetry

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You have classic facial asymmetry marked by a right orbitozygomatic bony deficiency. This makes the right eye sit lower, the cheek flatter and the surrounding soft tissues simply follow the bone pattern. Your eyes are at two different horizontal levels. The vertical height eyeball difference looks about 4 to 5mms. You first need a 3D CT scan to fully evaluate the orbital and cheek bone differences from which a surgical approach to your asymmetry can be developed. The right eye will end to be lift and the cheek augmented as well as necessary eyelid adjustments as a result of these bony changes.

Facial asymmetry

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The far majority of patients have facial asymmetry. However, it looks like you have a little ptosis in one of your eyes (droopy eyelid). That can be congenital (something you are born with) or it can develop later. This is something that can be treated, and would make your eyelids look more symmetric. Other areas of your face can be treated with filler to create more symmetry.

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