Is This Much Grafting Possible in a Rhinoplasty? And is There Any Procedures to Augment Brow Ridges? (photo)

Sorry that I'm asking so many questions. It's just that I want my results to be as precise as it can. Is there a procedure to augment my browridges to make my eyes look a bit more hollow? (Since just augmenting my nasal bridge makes my flat forehead look ridiculous). And is this much cartilage grafting in a rhinoplasty possible? What is the material used in the augmentation of the nasal bridge (The bony part of the nose between your eyes.)? Is there a risk of collapsing? Thank you.

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To answer your questions precisely, more views of your face from different angles is needed.  There are ways to augment both the forehead and nose.  The nose can be augmented using your own cartilage from your own body to prevent rejection, however, the amount that can be augmented is limited by your nasal skin.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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