Grafted Fat and Its Life Cycle, What Should be Expected?

I've heard that 10% of our fat cells die and get replaced each year. Is this true? If this is the case what happens to a fat graft, does this cellular turnover also happen to the grafted fat or does it fade away approx 10% per year? What exactly in the fat replaces the cells that are dying?

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Fate of injected fat

Injected fat will typically partially resorb (go away) in the first few months.  The % resorption is higher in the face than in breasts.  After the initial resorption of the fat that does not stay alive, the surviving fat grafts continue to age with the rest of your fat.  In the face, as a normal part of aging, you will lose some fat over time, but you will always be better off because of the additional grafted fat.

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