Can Gortex Implants Be Removed After 10 Years?

I had gortex implants to reduce the appearance of smile lines about 10 years ago and have not been particulary happy with it. Is it too late to have the implants removed?

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I have removed many of these.

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These can be removed.  They require surgery.  The supports ingrowth of of tissue so essentially they are scarred in place.  In discuss the remove of such an implant it is important to anticipate that there may be a volume deficit that will need to be addressed once the implant has been removed.  Generally the implant can be removed under local anesthesia or local with intravenous sedation.  You will probably be very happy you had this implant removed.

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Smile lines and gortex

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It may be very difficult to remove gortex implants, but it could be possible. It may also leave an indentation after removal.

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