Goretex String File - Benelli Lift

having talked to my ps about a revision after breast augmentation in order to do a mini lift, he suggested as many of you in this forum a benelli lift, remarking that a goretex string file would be used in order to prevent flattening or widening of the areola. what exactly does this string implicate.....what are the consequences of it. will it stay inside forever, will i notice it - is this still the latest technique? i haven't really found any threads on this subject. thank you for enlightening

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Benelli Lift Sutures

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Use of the Gore-tex string in a Benelli lift is very common and carries a lower complication rate than other techniques. Usually, the suture is left in place to prevent the areola from changing shape or size after the procedure. The only time when the suture would be removed is in the case of an infection or if it becomes exposed. I do not use the Benelli technique anymore, but it is a matter of preference for your doctor.


Jaime Perez, MD
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Benelli lift

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I have used the technique and abandoned it from complaints. The string is always palpable,as a noose around the areola that my patients hate. I have been able to remove the goretex later in the office with mild, 10-15% spread of the areola long term. I also feel there is more long term bottoming out after Benellis technique than the SPAIR technique of Hammond. There is a lollipop incision (longer), but long term the result is superior in my opinion.

David Janssen, MD, FACS
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Goretex Stitch for Benelli Lift?

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Thank you for the question.

The use of a permanent suture around the areola is meant to help prevent spreading of the areola  after breast lifting surgery. The potential downside with permanent sutures are the potential for infection, palpability of the suture, and a  “puffy” appearance of the areola through the permanent suture pursestring affect.

I would suggest that you discuss the pros/cons of the proposed procedure with your plastic surgeon and decide which way to proceed from there.

Best wishes.

Gore-tex to maintain areolar size.

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Your surgeon has proposed using Gore-tex  to maintain the size of the areola. The surgeon has in mind an appropriate size for the areola and wants to assure that that size in maintained. 

If, for example, a 42 millimeter size is chosen, at the end of surgery, which suture is used the areolar size should be 42 millimeters. However, with wound healing there are often forces that may change the size, usually to a larger diameter, once a dissolving suture has dissolved. 

By using Gore-tex, a permanent suture, the chosen diameter will be maintained. The down-side--yes, it is permanent, and yes, you will feel it as a circular ring around the areola. This does not bother most women, but I have had to remove them occasionally from women who did not like the feel of the suture ring. 

Like everything there are pros and cons for everything. Discuss further with your surgeon.  Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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