I Had Gore Tex Rhinoplasty 10 Yrs Ago. What Can I Expect if my Nose Get Struck in the Ring or Per Chance in a Street Fight?

I am concerned since I am on a SWAT Team. There is a good chance of my nose being struck during an altercation. I also used to box an would like to again. My entire nose bridge is augmented with a large piece of gore tex. What are the consequences if I get hit hard?

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Risky business...

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All noses, whether previously operated on or not, obviously have risk of damage from trauma including boxing or an altercation.  The specific risk in your case would be difficult to determine without knowing how much of your cartilage was removed during your previous surgery. 

That said, you are at least as likely, if not more likely, to suffer problems if you are struck again in the nose.  The amount of the damage would depend on the direction and force of the blow.  Bottom line--be careful.  I tell my patients that are at risk (boxers, MMA fighters, etc.) that only minimal procedures should be done for functional reasons until they are ready to hang up the gloves (or tactical gear I guess), then we can assess a more definitive and complex operation to repair all of the previous damage.

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Gore-Tex in the nose makes it no more susceptible to trauma.

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As a boxer you jeopardize the integrity of the nose. The vortex really is no effect on the outcome of suffering a punch to the nose.

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