How to Know if Gore-tex Implant is Infected? Can It Be Removed Through Closed Rhinoplasty?

I recently had Asian rhinoplasty where ear cartilage was used to define the tip, and a thin piece of gore tex placed in the bridge. I understand the risks of having a foreign implant in your nose, and want to know how to be vigilant in finding out whether the implant becomes infected. Also, can closed rhinoplasty performed to remove the gore-tex? I can't imagine having to go through another open rhino!

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Your surgeon will make sure everything is okay...

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Redness, swelling, drainage of pus are signs that the implant is infected.  Following postoperative instructions and taking your postoperative antibiotics will limit your risk of infection.


If the worst happens, and you do have an infection, the Goretex implant can be removed through an incision inside the nose.  Eventually the implant could be replaced when the infection resolved.

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