What is the Most Affordable Route for Ear Reduction Surgery? (photo)

My ears are big. The problem isn't really that they stick out, although they do a bit. The problem is the size. Obviously I've heard of ear pinning but that's not really what I am going for. What I want is more of a roll on the edge. At this point in time, I'm in college and can't really afford a $5000 surgery, nor do I want to go through major surgery for just my ears. What are some alternative routes I can take to reduce the size of my Dumbo ears. Thanks!

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Rolling the ear with otoplasty | ear reduction

Understanding what the patient wants is critical. I would sit down with you to really determine what you need. You may need a reduction or really just an adjustment of the top of your ears.

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Ear reduction

There are many different procedures for ear reduction.  Unfortunately, in your case it would require a scar on your ear which could be pretty noticeable.  Then you will need to wear your hair over your ears to hide the scars.  $5000 is about what I would expect it to cost, which is a lot of money when you are trying to pay for school.  I advise against surgery in your situation. Sorry, but there is really no good operation for you.

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What is the Most Affordable Route for Ear Reduction Surgery?

The most affordable route is an ear reduction surgery which can be done under local anesthesia as an office procedure.  By doing it under local anesthesia, you won't need to pay for an anesthesiologist of surgical center.


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