What Are a Few Good Teeth Whitening Products That Can Be Used at Home?

What are the best at removing coffee stained teeth?

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Whitening products options

These days there are many whitening options on the market but the ones that are more reliable are from your dental professionals.  I would recommend you ask your dentist before you proceed.  They know the conditions of your teeth, gums a overall how sensitive you might be. If you have heavy stains it would be ideal to get your teeth cleaned first to allow the whiting product to be more effective.

  • Take home whitening trays :  Your dental professional will create custom trays that will specifically fit your teeth and hence will allow the whitening gel product to reach all desired surfaces.  Impressions of your teeth will be required to fabricate these trays.  There are many effective gel products that you can obtain from your dentist.  These gels come in different concentrations and your dentist should help you decide which one is ideal for you.
  • Over the counter whitening strips:  These are generally not as affective as the ones from your dentist especially if your teeth are not completely straight.  The strips may not reach all the desired areas and as a result you might get uneven whitening.  You might also not be a candidate for whitening if you have things like active cavities or extremely sensitive teeth.  This is why you should always initiate the discussion of whitening with your dental professional.
  • In Office Whitening such as ZOOM:  This is an option that can only be done by a dental professional on site.  The results are immediate and take approximately only one hour to achieve.
  • Whitening Tooth Paste/Rinses:  The products are more helpful to maintain a lighter shade once you have whitened your teeth professionally.  They are too weak to achieve a significant whitening result on their own.


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