Can I Get a Good Result W/out a Lift and Just Implants, Round HP 475 & 500ccs? Would That Produce Sagging? (photo)

I wear a 34 B, want D cup, BWD=12cm. No Kids. Asymmetry-R breast larger then L breast, by 25cc's. The crease is also higher on the smaller breast. L breast crease to nipple-6cm. R breast crease to nipple-8cm. I have tear drop shaped breasts naturally. Nipples are NOT pointed downward. No volume whatsoever in the upper pole. I have a lot of elasticity, fill volume determined to be 500ccs. The PS said he can lower the left crease, is that risky? Lift recommended, don't want one. Best Option?

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It doesn't appear a lift is needed from the photos you provided...

as a generous implant that you are considering should easily provide you with adequate lift to produce a good result.  Larger implants may require conservative lowering of your fold and should not place you at excessive risk for further implant malposition.  From your descriptions, you must realize that perfect matches are near impossible and that persistent asymmetries are common and natural.  From my standpoint, I find the most important characteristic to have equal is the upper pole appearances.  Best wishes with achieving your goals.

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Breast impant +/- lift

If your main goal is to have a D cup, you will need to select an implant 450 ml or bigger.  You next need to decide on profile.  A high profile implant such as you are suggesting will have a base diameter of about 12-12.5 cm which may or may not correct the absence of volume in the upper pole of the breasts.

So, I think the size is fine, but you may want to re-think the profile.

With regard to the ptosis in your breasts, it appears from your photos that the nipple is above the level of the inframammary fold, meaning the ptosis is really fairly minimal.  I feel an implant such as those above will correct any ptosis without a lift being necessar.

Robert Stroup, Jr., MD, FACS
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First decide on your breast volume desired


There are many potential questions for you to consider in this situation and it can become unnecessarily confusing.  The first thing you should decide is your desired breast size.  depending on your height, a 500+ cc implant will put you into the large D range breast size.  The volume of implant that you choose should be squarely based on the ideal breast size that you want and not on impacting your breast laxity.  The breast laxity issue is a different issue all together.  If your left breast fold is higher than your right breast fold it will want to roll down more when a larger implant is placed compared to the other side.  The 2 cm of IMF to fold distance will decrease.  Since your breasts are different they may need a small lift type procedure to make them very close to symmetric but you can choose to do this later on down the road if you would like that difference corrected.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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