Is There a Good Procedure to Lift the Lower Lip (Bottom Teeth Show when Mouth Open)?

I have always hated my lower lip. Already as a teenager my bottom teeth would show when my mouth was slightly open! Now 35, I feel this adds years to my face and am desperate for a solution. Both my upper and lower lips are thin and my upper lip probably too long long (upper teeth don't show), but I don't mind that. What I'm really after is a solution to just lift that lower lip so the bottom teeth no longer show. Is there a way? Thank you so much!

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Lip problem

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There are two solutions....The easiest is to put a filler in your lip. I like juvederm, and it lasts about 4-6 months in my patients. Easy to do, quick recovery, affordable, but temporary. The only other suggestion is a dermal-fat graft from the lower abdomen to the lips.  This is real surgery but the results are fantastic and permanent. Expect to be swollen for 4 weeks and there is a suprapubic scar. However I have done over 100 of these with great success. Check

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