A Good Plastic Surgeon in Iran for Revision Nose Job?

i want to do nose job for the third time. please do you know a good plastic surgeon in iran

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Plastic Surgeon in Iran for Revision Nose Job

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There are some good surgeons in Iran. Dr. S. Majid Noursadeghi Mousavi is a possibility. If a surgeon has been board certified in the United States, then you should have a greater level of comfort. Consult with 3 experienced and expert surgeons, and choose the one that best meets your goals/objectives.

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Revision rhinoplasty in Iran

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There are many good rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran and who may be the best surgeon for you depends on what you need to have done to your nose.  Some revision noses need open approach and rib grafting - techniques that all surgeons may not use on a regular basis

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